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Arctic found to play unexpectedly large role in removing nitrogen

Posted by External 16 hours ago General — Areas of the Arctic play a larger role than previously thought in the global nitrogen cycle—the process responsible for keeping a critical element necessary for life flowing between the atmosphere, the land and oceans. Read More
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In Photos: Norwegian Explorer's Ship Raised from the Arctic

Posted by External 13 days ago General — The Maud, a Norwegian ice-faring ship built for the explorer Roald Amundsen, had been sitting in shallow water off the coast of northern Canada since 1930 — that is until this summer, when it was raised to the surface. Read More
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Salty snow could affect air pollution in the Arctic

Posted by External 13 days ago General — In pictures, the Arctic appears pristine and timeless with its barren lands and icy landscape. In reality, the area is rapidly changing. Scientists are working to understand the chemistry behind these changes to better predict what could happen to the region in the future. One team reports that sea salt could play a larger role in the formation of local atmospheric pollutants than previously thou Read More
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Dr Richard Powell appeared as an Expert Witness before the House of Lords Select Committee on the Arctic this morning.

Posted by External 19 days ago General — The evidence sessions aim to examine key issues for the Arctic including shipping, opportunities for energy resource extraction and the role of Russia in the Arctic. Richard Powell is a specialist in historical and polar geography and last June, he received the RGS-IBG Gill Memorial Award for his research. 07/10/14 07 Oct 2014 - Read More
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One fly to rule them all: Flies are the key pollinators of the High Arctic

Posted by External 27 days ago General — Forget the view of the Arctic as an icy desert devoid of life. The Arctic summer is buzzing with insects -- and here as everywhere else, plants rely on them for pollination. But who are the insects driving the pollination services across the Arctic? A new study finds the biggest heroes among the most modest of animals: small flies related to our common house fly. This finding offers cause for con Read More
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Naval Whodunit: How the Doomed Crew of Arctic Expedition Died

Posted by External 28 days ago General — The crew on the doomed 1845 Franklin Expedition aimed at navigating the fabled Northwest Passage likely didn't die of scurvy, but rather from tuberculosis, respiratory illness and cardiovascular disease, a new study finds. Read More
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The difficulty of predicting an ice-free Arctic

Posted by External 35 days ago General — The Arctic is nearing its seasonal sea ice minimum this month, but predicting exactly when the region will see its first ice-free summer may be more difficult than previously believed, according to the results of new research. Read More
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Arctic Sea Ice Extent in 2016 Ties as Second Lowest in The Satellite Record

Posted by External 36 days ago General — Arctic sea ice extent shrank to 1.6 million square miles earlier this month — tying 2016 with 2007 as the second lowest sea ice minimum since satellite records began. The lowest year remains 2012. The new measurements follow a decades-long trend of declining sea ice extent in the Arctic as global temperatures rise.  Read More
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Arctic sea ice heading towards second lowest on record

Posted by External 41 days ago General — This year the extent of summer sea ice in the Arctic is heading towards being the second lowest on record. The Arctic sea ice minimum marks the day – typically in mid-September – when sea ice reaches its smallest extent at the end of the summer melt season. British Antarctic Survey sea-ice scientist, Dr Jeremy Wilkinson, provides a scientific perspective on the trend of rapidly decreasing Arc Read More
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Arctic Shipwreck May Be Doomed 19th-Century HMS Terror

Posted by External 41 days ago General — Another piece of the mystery of the Franklin expedition falls into place. Read More
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2016 ties with 2007 for second lowest Arctic sea ice minimum

Posted by External 41 days ago General — The Arctic's ice cover appears to have reached its minimum extent on September 10, 2016, according to scientists. Arctic sea ice extent on that day stood at 4.14 million square kilometers (1.60 million square miles), statistically tied at second lowest in the satellite record with the 2007 minimum. Read More
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