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Why New York takes biggest slice of asset pie

Posted by External 27 days ago General — The current Fourth Global Conference on Economic Geography is mentioned in a Financial Times article based on a paper by Prof Dariusz Wójcik and Dr Duncan MacDonald-Korth. 20/08/15 20 Aug 2015 - Read More
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10 Biggest Doping Scandals in Olympics History

Posted by External 65 days ago General — On the world's biggest stage, at the Olympic Games, there are all too many instances of athletes who have turned to the use of a chemical advantage to gain a leg up on their fellow competitors. Read More
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Most of World's Biggest Beasts Could Be Extinct by 2100

Posted by External 83 days ago General — Most of the world's large creatures could face extinction by 2100 if drastic conservation measures aren't taken, conservationists say. Read More
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Carbon dioxide biggest player in thawing permafrost

Posted by External 129 days ago General — Carbon dioxide emissions from dry and oxygen-rich environments are likely to play a much greater role in controlling future rates of climate change caused by permafrost thaw than rates of methane release from oxygen-poor wetlands in the Arctic, according to research. Read More
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Costly, Deadly, Complicated: These 7 Surgeries Take the Biggest Toll 

Posted by External 176 days ago General — Why does someone need an emergency surgery? Read More
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Despite being 'the biggest threat facing humanity' climate change and its impacts fail to make headlines, says study

Posted by External 194 days ago General — Even as 60 million people around the world face severe hunger because of El Niño and millions more because of climate change, top European and American media outlets are neglecting to cover the issues as a top news item, says a new research report. Read More
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Panama Papers: Just How Big Is the World's Biggest Data Leak?

Posted by External 195 days ago General — The leak of more than 11.5 million documents from a law firm in Panama that specializes in creating off-shore tax havens for wealthy clients around the world is being dubbed an unprecedented event — the largest leak in history. Read More
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The World's Biggest Beasts: Here and Gone

Posted by External 211 days ago General — Huge creatures that went extinct, and other big animals that still roam this planet ... for now anyway. Read More
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