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Global wildlife populations: 58 percent decline, driven by food and energy demand

Posted by External 4 hours ago General — Global populations of vertebrates -- mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish -- have declined by 58 percent between 1970 and 2012, states a new report. Animals living in the world's lakes, rivers, and freshwater systems have experienced the most dramatic population declines, at 81 percent. Because of human activity, the report states that without immediate intervention global wildlife popu Read More
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Report reveals a big dependence on freshwater fish for global food security

Posted by External 2 days ago General — Freshwater fish play a surprisingly crucial role in feeding some of the world's most vulnerable people, according to a new study. Read More
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Bushmeat hunting threatens mammal populations and ecosystems, poses food security threat

Posted by External 5 days ago General — The ongoing decline of more than 300 species of animals is having significant environmental impacts and posing a food security threat for millions of people in Asia, Africa and South America, according to the first global assessment of the hunting and trapping of terrestrial mammals. Species of large wild ungulates, primates and bats are threatened primarily by unregulated or illegal hunting, acc Read More
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New 13-year Study Tracks Impact of Changing Climate on a Key Marine Food Source

Posted by External 7 days ago General — A new multiyear study from scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) has shown for the first time how changes in ocean temperature affect a key species of phytoplankton. The study, published in the October 21 issue of the journal Science, tracked levels of Synechococcus—a tiny bacterium common in marine ecosystems—near the coast of Massachusetts over a 13-year period. As Read More
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Even if the Paris Agreement is implemented, food and water supplies remain at risk

Posted by External 19 days ago General — If all pledges made in last December's Paris climate agreement (COP21) to curb greenhouse gases are carried out to the end of the century, then risks still remain for staple crops in major "breadbasket" regions and water supplies upon which most of the world's population depend, conclude investigators. Read More
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ECI awarded EU funds to strengthen food and nutrition security within Europe.

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Climate change and food security - follow John Ingram's recent talk at the IIED

Posted by External 26 days ago General — Dr John Ingram was the special guest for an IIED Critical Theme on 12 February 2015. The seminar focused on environmental change, food security and food system activities, and highlights can be followed on storify. 13/02/15 13 Feb 2015 - read more + Read More
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Food additive key to environmentally friendly, efficient, plastic solar cells

Posted by External 27 days ago General — An efficient, semi-printed plastic solar cell has now been created without the use of environmentally hazardous halogen solvents. Read More
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ECI Food Research team receive 'Food System Resilience' Programme Coordination Award

Posted by External 31 days ago General — The ECI is pleased to announce that Dr John Ingram and the ECI's Food research team have been awarded the 'Food System Resilience' programme coordination award to support knowledge exchange and translate research outputs. 26/09/16 26 September 2016 - read more + Read More
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Innovative food systems teaching and learning programme to improve food security and environmental outcomes.

Posted by External 33 days ago General — Hefce have awarded funding to a consortium of 5 universities to offer post-graduate training on food systems in order to address the urgent need for a workforce skilled in food systems thinking. 15/07/15 15 Jul 2015 - read more + Read More
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Food sovereignty and sharing the future of the herring in the North Pacific

Posted by External 33 days ago General — A new project with Dr Thomas Thornton and the IUCN examines the trans-Pacific herring trade-puzzle, which leads to overfishing and low prices, and seek wisdom from Tinglit communities who sustainably harvest herring food. 16/07/15 16 Jul 2015 - read more + Read More
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