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Facial Features and Genes: Study Taps New Connections

Posted by External 1 day 10 minutes ago General — In a new study, researchers tried to make sense of how a person's genes are linked to his or her appearance. Read More
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How Long Will Your Caffeine Buzz Last? Genes May Tell

Posted by External 2 days ago General — If one cup of coffee keeps you perked up all day, you may be able to thank your genes for that long-lasting caffeine kick, a new study finds. Read More
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Will Your Weight Loss Program Work? It May Depend on Your Genes

Posted by External 92 days ago General — Some people shed many pounds when they join a weight loss program, but others don't see the scale change at all, and scientists want to know why. Read More
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Your Genes May Influence When You Lose Your Virginity

Posted by External 131 days ago General — The age at which people first have sex is largely influenced by social factors, but genes play a role too. Read More
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Humans Should Edit Genes to Survive In Space, Scientist Says (Video)

Posted by External 142 days ago General — Humans may need to genetically engineer themselves to withstand the harsh and unpredictable environments encountered during long-term space travel, one researcher says. Read More
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It's a Girl! Ancient Viral Genes May Determine a Baby's Sex

Posted by External 149 days ago General — The sex of mouse babies, and perhaps the sex of human babies, may be influenced by a ancient viral genes, a new study finds. Read More
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Early Bird or Night Owl? It May Be in Your Genes

Posted by External 203 days ago General — If no amount of coffee seems to help you feel fresh and alert in the morning, you may be able to blame your genes. A new study by the genetics company 23andMe has identified 15 regions of the human genome that are linked to being a morning person. Read More
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Mom Genes: This Cockroach Species' Live Births Are in Its DNA

Posted by External 213 days ago General — The beetle mimic cockroach gives live birth, and one researcher from the University of Cincinnati figured out what was happening on the genetic level. Read More
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