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What If Doctors Could Heal Broken Genes? (Op-Ed)

Posted by External 1 day 10 hours ago General — Broken genes wreak havoc, but new technologies may soon allow for precision repairs. Read More
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Genes Confirm: Octopuses Are Brainy and Weird

Posted by External 17 days ago General — Forr the first time, scientists have sequenced the genome of the eight-legged rock star, revealing how its complex noggin evolved. Read More
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Why offspring cope better with climate change: It's all in the genes

Posted by External 41 days ago General — In a world first study, researchers have unlocked the genetic mystery of why some fish are able to adjust to warming oceans. Researchers examined how the fish's genes responded after several generations living at higher temperatures predicted under climate change. Read More
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Livestock Genes Cryopreserved To Battle Extinctions | Video

Posted by External 65 days ago General — Heritage livestock breeds are going extinct at the rate of one species per month. In a 20-year project to cryopreserve genetic material from endangered North American breeds, SVF Foundation aims to insure against potential catastrophe. Read More
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Genes make some people mosquito targets, twins pilot study shows

Posted by External 130 days ago General — The likelihood of being bitten by mosquitoes could be down to our genes, according to a study carried out on twins. Read More
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Some genes 'foreign' in origin and not from our ancestors

Posted by External 170 days ago General — Many animals, including humans, acquired essential 'foreign' genes from microorganisms co-habiting their environment in ancient times, according to new research. The study challenges conventional views that animal evolution relies solely on genes passed down through ancestral lines, suggesting that, at least in some lineages, the process is still ongoing. Read More
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Sea slug has taken genes from algae it eats, allowing it to photosynthesize like a plant

Posted by External 207 days ago General — How a brilliant-green sea slug manages to live for months at a time 'feeding' on sunlight, like a plant, is clarified in a recent study. The authors present the first direct evidence that the emerald green sea slug's chromosomes have some genes that come from the algae it eats. Read More
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Antibiotics, bacteria, resistance genes found in dust from feedlots

Posted by External 220 days ago General — Researchers are beginning to understand how antibiotic-resistant bacteria travel aerially. "Everyone is fairly certain antibiotic resistance comes from extensive use of antibiotics in animal-based agriculture. About 70 percent of all antibiotics used are for animal agricultural purposes. Overuse contributes to antibiotic resistance. But how does it happen? How does it get from where the drugs are Read More
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