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Antibiotics, bacteria, resistance genes found in dust from feedlots

Posted by External 2 days ago General — Researchers are beginning to understand how antibiotic-resistant bacteria travel aerially. "Everyone is fairly certain antibiotic resistance comes from extensive use of antibiotics in animal-based agriculture. About 70 percent of all antibiotics used are for animal agricultural purposes. Overuse contributes to antibiotic resistance. But how does it happen? How does it get from where the drugs are Read More
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How Genes and Environment Conspire to Trigger Diabetes

Posted by External 4 days ago General — Environmental factors such as diet may alter the expression of genes to cause, and reverse diabetes, new research finds. Read More
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Environment, not genes, dictates human immune variation, study finds

Posted by External 9 days ago General — A study of twins shows that our environment, more than our heredity, plays the starring role in determining the state of our immune system, the body's primary defense against disease. This is especially true as we age, the study indicates. Read More
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Wine Grapes Get New Genes to Fight Blight

Posted by External 13 days ago General — Growing winegrapes may be the most backward form of horticulture that exists. Read More
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Whale Genes Offer Hints to Longer Lifespans

Posted by External 19 days ago General — Researchers have charted the bowhead whale's genome in a search for genes that fight off aging. Read More
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Cholera Bacteria Spear Their Prey to Grab Genes

Posted by External 23 days ago General — The bacteria that cause cholera grab genes from other organisms in a particularly predatory way: They spear neighboring cells with a poison-tipped spike. Read More
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Many animals steal defenses from bacteria: Microbe toxin genes have jumped to ticks, mites and other animals

Posted by External 61 days ago General — Bacteria compete for resources in the environment by injecting deadly toxins into their rivals. Researcher have now discovered that many animals steal toxins from bacteria to fight unwanted microbes growing on them. Genes for these toxins have jumped from bacterial to animals. These genes are now permanently incorporated into the genomes of these animals. Deer ticks, which can carry Lyme disease, Read More
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Ancient genetic program employed in more than just fins and limbs: Hox genes provide blueprint for a diversity of body plan features

Posted by External 66 days ago General — Researchers have found that the Hox gene program, responsible for directing the development of fins and limbs, is also utilized to develop other body part features of vertebrates, such as barbels and vents in fish. The research indicates that this genetic program, which dates back at least 440-480 million years, is older and more widely utilized than previously thought. Read More
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