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Jumping Genes and Cichlids' Egg-Spots: How Evolution Creates new Characteristics

Posted by External 11 days ago General — The evolution of new traits with novel functions has always posed a challenge to evolutionary biology. Studying the color markings of cichlid fish, scientists were now able to show what triggered these evolutionary innovations, namely: a mobile genetic element in the regulatory region of a color gene. Read More
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Is Booze Tasty, or Bitter? Your Genes Decide

Posted by External 27 days ago General — Whether you find the taste of alcohol to be pleasant, or bitter and stinging is partly decided by your genes, new research shows. Read More
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Vampire Plant Sucks Victim's Genes While Feeding

Posted by External 67 days ago General — Like an herbivorous Count Dracula, a snakelike vine coils around its leafy victim, punctures its stem and proceeds to suck out its life juices. Read More
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Is Musical Talent Rooted in Genes?

Posted by External 76 days ago General — Some aspects of musical talent are built into the genes, and perhaps cannot be improved much upon with practice, researchers said. Read More
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Otzi 'The Iceman' Had Heart Disease Genes

Posted by External 82 days ago General — Ötzi the Iceman, a Neolithic man preserved in the ice of the Austrian Alps, had a genetic predisposition to heart disease, new research suggests. Read More
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Mixed genes mix up the migrations of hybrid birds

Posted by External 90 days ago General — Mixed genes appear to drive hybrid birds to select more difficult routes than their parent species, according to new research. "Instead of taking well-trodden paths through fertile areas, these birds choose to scale mountains and cross deserts," says one of the researchers. Read More
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Ocean Bacteria's Genes Are in Perfect Harmony

Posted by External 102 days ago General — The bacteria in the oceans seem to tightly sync their metabolisms to the day-night cycle, which may allow them to survive in the nutrient-poor environment of the ocean, new research suggests. Read More
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Subseafloor bacteria survive by over-activating DNA-repair and antibiotic target genes

Posted by External 129 days ago General — The subseafloor is home to over one-third of the bacteria on the planet, but up until recently it was unclear if this huge microbial biosphere was alive and dividing. Now the same group that demonstrated this activity has shown that bacteria from the hostile sea-floor environment have adapted by over-activating stress response and DNA-repair mechanisms, to cope with the harsh conditions. Read More
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