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Greenland ice is melting 7 percent faster than previously thought

Posted by External 1 day 21 hours ago General — The same hotspot in Earth's mantle that feeds Iceland's active volcanoes has been playing a trick on the scientists who are trying to measure how much ice is melting on nearby Greenland. According to a new study, the hotspot softened the mantle rock beneath Greenland in a way that ultimately distorted their calculations for ice loss in the Greenland ice sheet. This caused them to underestimate th Read More
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Photos: Innovative Designs Make James Dyson Award 2016 Shortlist

Posted by External 7 days ago General — After considering nearly 1,000 entries, the panel of Dyson engineers have narrowed down the possible winners of the James Dyson Award to a shortlist of the following 20 inventions. Read More
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Lazarus ice

Posted by External 8 days ago General — Every school child knows that ice melts in the summer and freezes in the winter. But it turns out that the process isn’t that simple in the Arctic, where one type of sea ice structure, called an ice ridge, can actually get stronger in the summer due to melting. Read More
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Nestlé Drumstick Recall: How Does Listeria Get into Ice Cream?

Posted by External 9 days ago General — Nestlé is recalling several of its Drumstick ice cream products because they could be contaminated with Listeria. But how do these bacteria get into ice cream? Read More
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Uranium levels in deep sea coral reveal new insights into how the major northern ice sheets retreated

Posted by External 10 days ago General — Scientists examining naturally occurring uranium levels in ancient deep sea corals have discovered new insights into how the major northern ice sheets retreated during the last major deglaciation on Earth. Read More
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Dr Brenda Boardman has been awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award for services to energy efficiency and fuel poverty by the Carbon Action Network

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Ice cores reveal a slow decline in atmospheric oxygen over the last 800,000 years

Posted by External 15 days ago General — Researchers have compiled 30 years of data to construct the first ice core-based record of atmospheric oxygen concentrations spanning the past 800,000 years. The record shows that atmospheric oxygen has declined 0.7 percent relative to current atmospheric-oxygen concentrations, a reasonable pace by geological standards, the researchers said. During the past 100 years, however, atmospheric oxygen Read More
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Current weak spots in Greenland's ice sheet have been weak for thousands of years

Posted by External 18 days ago General — Earlier recent work has shown that the east, southeast and northwest regions of the Greenland ice sheet have contributed to 77% of the total mass loss over the last century. Now, researchers have used GPS data to show that the east, southeast and northwest also contributed significantly to ice mass loss in the past, over thousands of years: about 40% of the total loss of ice mass. Read More
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Technique could assess historic changes to Antarctic sea ice and glaciers

Posted by External 19 days ago General — Historic changes to Antarctic sea ice could be unraveled using a new technique pioneered by scientists at Plymouth University.It could also potentially be used to demonstrate past alterations to glaciers and ice shelves caused by climatic changes, a study published in Nature Communications suggests.The new method builds on an existing technique, also developed by Plymouth University over the las Read More
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Tracking the amount of sea ice from the Greenland ice sheet

Posted by External 20 days ago General — By analyzing ice cores drilled from deep inside the Greenland ice sheet, researchers have started to calculate how much Arctic sea ice there was in the past. Read More
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Al Harris receives Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship

Posted by External 21 days ago General — The award to ECI's Alumnus was presented to Al Harris and his NGO Blue Ventures in recognition of their work towards solving some of the world's most pressing problems. 21/04/15 21 Apr 2015 - Read More
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