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'Muscle Memory' May Not Really Exist

Posted by External 6 days ago General — Despite training in the past, muscle tissue has no memory of past training, research suggests. Read More
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Memory for future wearable electronics

Posted by External 26 days ago General — Stretchable, flexible, reliable memory device inspired by the brain is now under development for wearable electronics. Scientists have constructed a memory called two-terminal tunnelling random access memory (TRAM), where two electrodes, referred to as drain and source, resemble the two communicating neurons of the synapse. While mainstream mobile electronics, like digital cameras and mobile phon Read More
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Remote Antarctic Library Would 'Protect Ice Memory'

Posted by External 61 days ago General — The plan is to "have dozens of ice core archives stored in a snow cave — the most reliable and natural freezer in the world." Read More
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Vegetation in Russian Arctic has memory

Posted by External 93 days ago General — Adaptation to climate change has a lag of several thousands of years, report researchers. The permafrost regions in the Arctic are among those areas of the world in which the temperature is rising particularly fast due to climate change. However, biologists are currently observing that the tree vegetation is only minimally adapting to these changes. In those areas where pine and spruce trees shou Read More
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Animal hormone is involved in plant stress memory

Posted by External 103 days ago General — Regulating melatonin production in plants via drought priming could be a promising approach to enhancing abiotic stress tolerance of crops in future climate scenarios, report investigators. Read More
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Memory Eraser: This Trick Helps You Forget

Posted by External 140 days ago General — Bad date? Embarrassing conversation? New research finds a way to forget what we'd rather not remember. Read More
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Yoga May Improve Memory Better Than Brain Training

Posted by External 141 days ago General — Yoga isn't just good for the body; it might help your memory too, a small new study suggests. Read More
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