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Long jumping earthquakes: Double dose of bad earthquake news

Posted by External 16 hours ago General — A team of researchers has discovered that earthquake ruptures can jump much further than previously thought, a finding that could have severe implications on the Los Angeles area and other regions in the world. Read More
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'Dream of gold leads to government excavation in India' - Prof. Craig Jeffrey writes for the BBC News Magazine.

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'Good news' for Oxfordshire's economy

Posted by External 22 days ago General — Oxfordshire's economy is set to benefit from the expected demand for low carbon goods and services over coming decades, says a new report. The research was carried out by the ECI with Low Carbon Oxford, a network of organisations working towards a low carbon economy. 04/12/14 04 Dec 2014 - Read More
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Good news about restoring river ecosystems

Posted by External 35 days ago General — t is a commonly held belief that most ecosystems take about a lifetime to recover after damage is introduced by humans. However, researchers at Ohio State University are finding that initial recovery can be dramatic if the right conditions are present. The discovery was made while monitoring how dam removal impacted local species. The studies focus on the reintroduction of birds and salmon to Read More
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