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Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks officially endangered, and that is not good news!

Posted by External 62 days ago General — It’s not really the kind of "first" you want to be: The peculiar-looking but oddly beautiful scalloped hammerhead shark has just become the first shark species to be added to the US Endangered Species List. Sphyrna lewini, as they're known, are coastal to semi-oceanic sharks with a number of extre Read More
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Good news for rivers in Britain

Posted by External 99 days ago General — Scientists from Cardiff University have found that Britain's urban rivers are the cleanest they've been in over two decades. The 21-year study of over 2,300 rivers measured the presence of clean-river invertebrates - a yardstick for river health - which during the days of heavy industry and poor sewage treatment had declined considerably, but now app Read More
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Climate change brings mostly bad news for Ohio: Big algae bloom in Lake Erie, very dry 2015 forecast

Posted by External 117 days ago General — Scientists delivered a mostly negative forecast for how climate change will affect Ohioans during the next year or so, and well beyond. But Ohio may fare better than its neighbors in one respect: its farmers will likely suffer less than those in the rest of the Corn Belt. Read More
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Habitable Exoplanets are Bad News for Humanity (Op-Ed)

Posted by External 142 days ago General — The discovery of exoplanets also slightly increases how much credence we give to the possibility of near-term human extinction. This because of a concept known as the Great Filter. Read More
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Malaysia Airlines Text: How Not to Break Bad News

Posted by External 173 days ago General — Texting is becoming a medium for increasingly serious communications. But when breaking bad news, experts say, text messages are far too cold and inhumane. Face-to-face is best when the news is bad. Read More
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Promising news for producing fuels through artificial photosynthesis

Posted by External 191 days ago General — There's promising news from the front on efforts to produce fuels through artificial photosynthesis. A new study shows that nearly 90 percent of the electrons generated by a hybrid material designed to store solar energy in hydrogen are being stored in the target hydrogen molecules. Read More
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Good news for Nepal's wildlife after another year of no poaching

Posted by External 193 days ago General — After Nepal making a commitment to protect the future of its magnificent and highly endangered species, it has once again succeeded and between February 2013 and February 2014, no rhino, tigers or elephants were poached in the country. Nepal has a history of success in the prevention of poaching, and another poaching-free year occurred in 2011. Read More
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Good news for the Hawksbill sea turtle

Posted by External 232 days ago General — A hawksbill sea turtle has been recorded for the first time in the waters of Pakistan. The turtle was found entangled in a net by local fishermen and was later confirmed to be a hawksbill by WWF-Pakistan. It is estimated that there are less than 50,000 hawksbill turtles remaining worldwide. The global population has declined 8 Read More
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