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Ocean forecast offers seasonal outlook for Pacific Northwest waters

Posted by External 98 days ago General — A new study evaluates the skill of a seasonal forecast for predicting future conditions in the Pacific Northwest marine environment. Read More
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'Weather@Home' offers precise new insights into climate change in the West

Posted by External 111 days ago General — Tens of thousands of 'citizen scientists' have volunteered some use of their personal computer time to help researchers create one of the most detailed, high resolution simulations of weather ever done in the Western United States. This approach will ultimately help improve future predictions of regional climate and answer very specific questions. Read More
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Study offers clues to better rainfall predictions

Posted by External 145 days ago General — Seawater salinity depends largely on how much moisture is evaporated as winds sweep over the ocean. But pinpointing where the moisture rains back down is a complicated question scientists have long contended with. Scientists have now found a potential path to better seasonal rainfall predictions. Their study shows a clear link between higher sea surface salinity levels in the North Atlantic and i Read More
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